The model has a suspension that allows you to not lose grip on uneven surfaces. And there is also a gyroscopic sensor, due to changes in the readings of which you can reduce the speed on the slopes and increase on the ascents. Additional wheels near the skis prevent cross-sliding. Also near the drive wheels there is a rollover protection in the form of black additional supports (round plate 1x1) .
The tractor is made in a futuristic style and has attachments, such as a sprinkler machine and a plow for plowing the land. The sprinkler system has a folding design. The equipment can be installed alternately on a special mount with a gyroscopic sensor. The model starts moving when the tilt sensor moves to the horizontal position.
The realistic model of the crane has stable supports. The high tower allows you to lift the load to a greater height. And the boom has a strong attachment that allows you to lift heavy loads without the risk of damaging the structure.
The model is a stationary type of mixer, which makes it easy to interact with it. This model requires a sealed container: a Cup or a special container for analysis. The mixer has a tilt sensor, when we lower the mixer, it turns on, and when we raise it, it turns off.

A model of a vehicle that moves along a special cable stretched between point ' A 'and point'B'. Our model has a motor that allows you to move along the cable yourself, as well as a hidden motion sensor to detect stops. The stop is assembled from the remaining parts. This vehicle is considered to be self-driving, since it can move and stop at stops independently without the participation of the operator.
This model can only move on land using paddles. Above the ship rise 3 masts that can be equipped with paper sails. The motion sensor, which is hidden in the port side, can detect pirate ships.
The unique mechanism of this model allows the printer to work as closely as possible with a real printer. In addition to the main function - drawing a drawing, the printer can independently stretch a leaf. A motion sensor installed on it can detect the appearance of a leaf and start the printer, after the leaf ends-the printer automatically stops.

This model is a dental tool designed for mechanical processing of the tooth. It is most often used for caries removal. The model rearranges 2 structures: a drill and a stand. The drill has a tilt sensor, which can be used to determine the position. The stand is created in a special way, when the drill is installed on it, the tilt sensor shows a specific value, by which we can understand that the drill is installed on the stand and turn it off.
The checkpoint can operate in a mode of limited entry for agricultural machinery or vice versa for cars. Monitoring the status of the motion sensor. Real-time indicators monitor the movement, as well as by comparing the indicators. If the distance is small, this means that the vehicle and the barrier are not open. The distance between the barriers is specially designed to fit only one vehicle.
The model has the functions of a real drilling machine. Our installation can work with both a LEGO drill (3M axis) - for creating holes in foam, and a real 2mm drill on metal. We glued the drill into a straight connector using a thermal gun and got a real drilling machine that can make a hole in a wooden pine rail.
A tilt sensor is installed on the side, which serves as a lever for switching on, and a speed controller.

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